US-Based Anzu Robotics Launches Raptor Series Drones with Emphasis on Security and Performance
US-Based Anzu Robotics Launches Raptor Series Drones with Emphasis on Security and Performance
July 1, 2024
By Miriam McNabb

New platforms combine advanced hardware with US-developed software to meet diverse industrial needs.

Anzu Robotics, LLC has announced its new Raptor and Raptor T drone platforms, marking the company’s entry into the competitive drone market. These platforms are distinguished by their combination of advanced hardware and secure, sophisticated software developed in the United States, in partnership with Aloft Technologies, Inc., providers of the FAA’s B4UFly App and drone fleet management solutions.

The venture is led by well-known drone industry figure Randall Warnas, a veteran of drone companies including DJI, Teledyne FLIR, and Autel.  The new market entry offers a novel approach to the problem of providing capable, affordable aircraft that meet security requirements and are manufactured by a US-based company.

Randall Warnas, CEO of Anzu Robotics, expressed enthusiasm about the new offerings: “We are thrilled to be bringing the Raptor and Raptor T to the industrial drone market, and the timing couldn’t be better. These platforms meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and innovation.”

All software development for the Raptor series is conducted domestically. This move is aimed at providing users with a high level of data protection and privacy, critical in today’s technology landscape.

The Raptor drones are equipped with sophisticated visual and thermal imaging capabilities, making them suitable for a variety of industrial applications, including public safety, utilities, and resource conservation. The Raptor model features high-resolution cameras with hybrid zoom capabilities, while the Raptor T adds advanced thermal imaging.

Jon Hegranes, CEO of Aloft Technologies, highlighted the focus on software integrity: “In our collaboration with Anzu Robotics on the Raptor series, we’ve prioritized the integrity and security of customer data above all. Powered by Aloft’s cutting-edge software and hosted on our secure, domestic servers, we ensure that every flight captured, every piece of data collected, and every decision made is underpinned by the highest standards of data protection and privacy.”

The Raptor series is manufactured in Malaysia, with the majority of its components sourced from the same region. This strategy helps keep the drones competitively priced without compromising on quality or performance. “We are manufacturing hardware independently in a country which is not considered a threat as a country of origin,” said Randall Warnas. “By doing this, we have maintained very competitive pricing of our drones to make them accessible for budget-constrained organizations.”

By manufacturing through a technology transfer agreement and in a country that it not a covered entity, Anzu Robotics is able to provide a platform that fits a gap in the market.  Anzu stresses that it retains full control over its products’ performance, data security, and customer satisfaction, despite the international manufacturing arrangement. The company remains wholly American-owned and operated, with a clear commitment to maintaining data sovereignty and security for its users.

“These platforms meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and innovation. With our strategic manufacturing and software development partnerships and commitment to security, transparency, and performance; we’re confident that our drones will meet the diverse needs of public safety agencies and industries across the country,” says Warnas.

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