Sunfire begins design work for one of Europe’s largest green hydrogen projects
Sunfire begins design work for one of Europe’s largest green hydrogen projects
April 18, 2024

German electrolyser manufacturer Sunfire has begun designing the set-up for a massive 500MW green hydrogen project in Europe, which would be one of the continent’s largest if it comes on line as scheduled in 2028.

The mystery project — which has not yet reached final investment decision (FID) and has not been identified by Sunfire — would produce green hydrogen from wind and solar power for use in various applications, including refinery operations and ammonia production.

Sunfire’s participation in the on-going front-end engineering and design (FEED) study for the project envisages the company defining the operational parameters, site requirements and execution guidelines for the installation and operation of 500MW of its pressurised alkaline electrolysers.

“Europe is at the forefront of adopting green hydrogen solutions,” said Nils Aldag, Sunfire’s chief executive. “We are seeing the first 100MW projects reaching their FIDs. As larger-scale projects like the 500MW initiative emerge, Sunfire reaffirms its commitment to providing reliable industrial electrolyser technology, capable of facilitating transformative projects.”

There are few green hydrogen projects of this scale at advanced stages of development, but there are several that are still in the preliminary stage. For example, Tree Energy Solutions and EWE’s 500MW green gas and green hydrogen project in Wilhelmshaven, Germany is earmarked for first H2 production in 2028, while gas terminal operator Deutsche ReGas has previously announced its intention to build a 500MW plant in Lubmin, Germany, for operation the same year.

Sunfire is not even saying which country its 500MW project is in.

The wider FEED study is being conducted by the project’s engineering, procurement and construction contractors, ahead of FID, said Sunfire, without giving a projected date.

Earlier this year, the German manufacturer, which is currently building its own 500MW pressurised alkaline manufacturing facility, installed a 20MW machine at a site in Finland.

The company has since secured more than €500m ($534m) in equity and loans.

“With the projects we are bringing to life this year, we are building a strategic and efficient partner network — gaining the experience that will enable us to deliver electrolysis systems scaled up to several hundreds of megawatts,” said Altag.

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